Sunday, December 23, 2012

Rainbow scarves

Howdy y'all.... new year coming up, and I have an unexpected break from work (before starting a new job) so I am planning on attacking some UFOs! Also, tidying up this blog would be a good thing.

Of course the Christmas knitting needs to get wrapped up first. I just bound off a super simple little scarf and am about to cast on for another. I know a couple of 4 year olds who appreciate my knitting enough to get a little something cozy under the tree.

These are a couple of the reasons that my knitting has slowed way down and I'm not blogging as much as I would like. I like to think that the time invested away from my knitting now is going to triple our joint output in years to come because they both love crafty stuff and are excited to learn to knit! I'm using other means to develop their motor skills before we sit down and risk the frustration that can come when you first try to cast on and get going.

Last year they each got a pair of these:

And to my amazement, a year later we still have all four mitts. This may be due to the fact that these mitts are not allowed to go to daycare during the day where all other mitts (even the brand new 6 pairs of stretch ones I bought them recently) go to get lost. Like on day 1. It's frustrating enough to lose store bought mitts, I'm not really interested in risking it with handknits.

Those fingerless mitts need a little extending as little hands grow so I might try to add a bit of an extra top to them somehow. And in a notebook somewhere around the house there are notes because I had planned on sharing... so maybe those will emerge as I start to get more organized in the new year! I had trouble finding an appropriate mitt/fingerless pattern for toddler hands so I worked something out myself and I was fairly pleased with it, plus the girls love them.

So - to come - two very similar scarves for the wee ones (a pair of free patterns planned) - and some other WIPs and FOs that have slowly but surely been coming along this year. Thanks to everyone who keeps visiting despite my lack of updating this past year!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

New pattern: Étoile Blanket

Wow! It has taken me a long time (um... 2 years?) to compile all my notes from multiple notebooks and scraps of paper and sketches and finally publish a new pattern.

The new-to-me Ravelry pattern uploader is great!

You can find the Étoile Blanket over on Ravelry for a modest $5. I think you'll want to knit it more than once, it's so satisfying, so it's a good value! The Étoile Blanket is a lovely simple pattern that I've knit a couple of times for wedding gifts, and that I will definitely knit again in other yarns as every time it works up differently, yet it's easy knitting for TV watching or podcast listening.

Let me know what you think! :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

FO: Striped Citron

It has probably been a couple of months since I finished my second Citron. The first one was olive green, and they're both in Malabrigo Lace. Lovely soft stuff. Wonderful pattern for some simple knitting that turns out looking lovely and feeling like a cloud wrapped around your neck.


Although I managed to not make a note (I was being very good at this for the last few years) of the needle size, I think that's because they were the recommended 6 for this pattern/yarn. Otherwise I'm just sure I would have mentioned it.

If you have a chance, check out the knitting tumblr I'm jointly authoring. This blog will continue to be a place to document WIPs & FOs, but the Tumblr will have a few extras, like cool crafty things from around the web. Speaking of which, anyone using Pinterest? I'm giving that a test run as well.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Check out my new Tumblr...

Well hi!

I am not abandoning this blog, it is too nice and well established for that. However, in recognition that I have really fallen out of the habit of updating it, please feel free to check out this Tumblr I have set up to document some of the more knitty-gritty knitting and crafting moments in my life:

It's oh-so-easy to use the Tumblr app to take a picture of, for example, the mittens that are wearing through at the thumb, and post it immediately with just a short comment, rather than saving up my thoughts for a full on blog post and having to deal with downloaded and uploaded photos and all that. I don't plan to disappear completely from here but you might check the above for more frequent updates! So far all the posts are from me but the original idea was for a joint project with my new local knitter friend Lola so hopefully this will be a joint effort!

Monday, January 2, 2012

FO: Traveling woman shawl pt 2

Hey! I did actually take other photos of this shawl. I've had more time than usual in the last week to flip through photos on the computer. These were taken in early October 2011.


Also that photo makes me see how when I blocked it I apparently pulled out the wrong point for the centre - see how the double YO increases along the middle don't match up with the central point? Oooooops.

It's kind of exciting how I've managed to get knitting back into my life again. Maybe it's the cooler temps (though often it feels ilke spring instead of winter here for some odd reason) or maybe things are just settling a bit. It's good.