Check out my new Tumblr...

Well hi!

I am not abandoning this blog, it is too nice and well established for that. However, in recognition that I have really fallen out of the habit of updating it, please feel free to check out this Tumblr I have set up to document some of the more knitty-gritty knitting and crafting moments in my life:

It's oh-so-easy to use the Tumblr app to take a picture of, for example, the mittens that are wearing through at the thumb, and post it immediately with just a short comment, rather than saving up my thoughts for a full on blog post and having to deal with downloaded and uploaded photos and all that. I don't plan to disappear completely from here but you might check the above for more frequent updates! So far all the posts are from me but the original idea was for a joint project with my new local knitter friend Lola so hopefully this will be a joint effort!