Sunday, November 30, 2008

revisiting an FO: SWS Fetching

I have several big projects on the go - but this is a post about a pair of mitts I finished almost two years ago, I think. They were living in a suitcase by accident for about a year but now they're out in the open again - and I was wearing them this month a few times - and continually tucking in the yarn ends hanging off the thumb part. I never got around to weaving the ends in. Yet I wore them anyway. I just kept pulling the thread inside the thumb part and adjusting it often. Silly, silly. I am posting about this because I FINALLY ran the ends in. Yay me! These are now 100% finished.


Laugh if you must, and then go and run in some ends on whatever you're working on - you'll thank yourself later.

As for actual, current projects... I've been using my research paper (originally due tomorrow, now due Wednesday, I don't know which is worse!) breaks to seam my Minimalist Cardigan. Friday I sewed up the sides, yesterday I seamed the shoulders and set in one sleeve. Of course the sleeve caps were a bit long to fit into the arm scythe, but I managed to finesse them so the first one fit in well enough. Today my goal is to work on the paper for a couple of hours and then set in the second sleeve. The last steps will be to sew the sleeve seams themselves and then block this thing - I just couldn't face the blocking before the sewing - I can't wait to see how it fits once the stockinette band around the neck and down the front are laying flat, because right now they roll something awful. Oh, yes, I also have to finish knitting the neckband, because I ran on out of yarn one one side and just left both sides with live stitches so I could continue knitting one side and make it all work out to be the right length. We'll see how that goes!

Tea is steeped, and hopefully later I'll download the pictures I took yesterday of the progress on the Mini Cardi up to this point.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

FO: mini sweater ornament

It happened so fast I didn't even have a chance to mention it! A call went out a couple of weeks ago for contributions to a gift basket for my department to raffle off to raise money at Christmas. I looked around my space, thinking, what do I have that I don't really want that I could give them. I thought of a DVD I have that I will never watch again, or a book that I know I will never read again and can't think of anyone else to give it to. It just seemed like such items would be too incongruous and random. Then I spotted my knitting bag. Hmm. A knitted ornament would be a great idea. I remembered those mini Harry Potter sweaters and thought something like that would be quick and fun! I ended up basing a design off of this pattern, which is actually knit top down, and I wanted to do mine bottom up - I don't know why, because the shoulder turned out all misshapen! I ended up winging it, and this is what we have:


Those are my department's initials. I put the year on the back:


I was thrilled when the director of my department won the raffle, thinking she would appreciate the handmade ornament - but then she decided to let us re-raffle the basket so someone else can win it. The drawing is today. I hope the basket goes to someone who will appreciate the effort!! Most of the other stuff in the basket is cookies and chocolates - though someone did donate some teeny containers of play-doh so that's kind of fun.

Ok, tea is steeping, back to my work!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

FO: Lace Ribbon Scarf

I managed to wrap this up right at the end of class Thursday. Although classmates appreciated the squishy yarn and beautiful color, it wasn't until I blocked it and brought it out again yesterday that the pattern was understood. It looks great! This pattern is wonderful, I would totally knit it again - if there wasn't a whole world of great scarf patterns out there.


The light has been dim for the last few days so I'll try to take a better picture when the sun decides to visit again; the colors are so subtle with this colorway, photographing it is a challenge.

I bought the yarn for this project almost exactly a year ago at the yarn shop that is now my closest LYS; when I bought the yarn I lived hundreds of miles away and south of the border. The shop is celebrating an anniversary of opening, so I went down yesterday with the scarf and an eye out for treats that were promised as well as some yarn sales. I had no trouble finding a salesperson to chat with about my just finished project, and there were some nice cookies around, but I didn't see any deals going (and I don't need any yarn at the moment, so I'd only add to my stash if I saw a good deal...) until I had almost determined to leave. By the door there was a small display of odds and ends, marked down appropriately, but nothing to tempt me.

And now there are only two weeks left in the term and an awful lot needs to happen so sadly there is not going to be much knitting time until early December!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

risk management

Unfortunately not in the crafty context. Today. I have a paper due at 4 today (pretty much done, yay me) and another paper due tomorrow at 5 (mostly done, ok, needs some work, semi-yay me) and I just got distracted from doing reading for class which starts in an hour by this amazing beret, completed by the ADD Knitter:
Selbu Modern

And the yarn looked intriguing, so I investigated further and found that Shelridge Farm in Durham, ON, Canada (so close, yet so far!) produce something that looks amazingly like Koigu solids - same yardage/twist/gauge - for $10.50 a skein. After looking at the lovely solids and then the shipping prices (they don't sell in regular stores, just online and at fiber festivals - they have the next year's worth of travels posted on their site and none of them are close enough to me...) I discovered on Ravelry that they also do handpaints - FOR THE SAME PRICE. How is it possible? You would definitely need two skeins if you knit socks but I have my eye on the free pattern for the Selbu beret, for which I would need two skeins in two colors. mmmmm. Thinking of knitting projects is so much more fun than doing schoolwork!

No new pictures at the moment but a quick update - the Minimalist Cardigan is getting closer - I'm on the second sleeve, about 1/3 of the way up. And there is a plan for a knitting gathering in my dept tomorrow, so I will be bringing that and hoping to get that sleeve done pretty soon. Then I can seam/block, in an order to be determined. The lace ribbon scarf is also very nearly finished, and it is coming with me today - because I'm off to a Risk Management lecture - oh joy!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Cuff PDFs now available

It's a sleep foggy rainy sort of Sunday morning and I've got my to-do list of 15 things to get done today - so naturally I am distracting myself with Ravelry - which is NOT on the list.

I've finally gotten around to creating pdfs of my free cuff patterns and uploading them to Ravelry. So not only can you find them here:
Dragon Scales Cuff
Snakeskin Cuff
But you can also download the free pdfs from Ravelry (if you click the link - not the picture - it will ask if you want to download the pdf):
Dragon Scales Cuff on Ravelry
Snakeskin Cuff on Ravelry

Let me know if any of this doesn't work out the way it should - it's my first try with Ravelry's file hosting system.
Happy crafting!