FO: Striped Citron

It has probably been a couple of months since I finished my second Citron. The first one was olive green, and they're both in Malabrigo Lace. Lovely soft stuff. Wonderful pattern for some simple knitting that turns out looking lovely and feeling like a cloud wrapped around your neck.


Although I managed to not make a note (I was being very good at this for the last few years) of the needle size, I think that's because they were the recommended 6 for this pattern/yarn. Otherwise I'm just sure I would have mentioned it.

If you have a chance, check out the knitting tumblr I'm jointly authoring. This blog will continue to be a place to document WIPs & FOs, but the Tumblr will have a few extras, like cool crafty things from around the web. Speaking of which, anyone using Pinterest? I'm giving that a test run as well.