Wednesday, May 5, 2010

WIP: Damson

I'm making progress on Damson, it's a nice simple pattern to take along when I putter around town. You know, just in case.


The yarn is difficult to photograph, probably due to my utter lack of an appropriate white box type space. It's a marine blue with dark plummy purples and deep teals. Yum. It's not going to be the world's most stunning shawl, as the pattern is quite simple and I've decided not to do any lace inserts, which I would have liked but just didn't feel like working out. But as a simple pattern to be wrapped around like a chunky scarf in a gorgeous yarn, it'll do nicely.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

WIP: Tilted Duster

Whoah, this one took a long hiatus. As I wrapped up Rosamund's Cardigan and started thinking about other large projects, I unearthed the back piece of the Tilted Duster from the Fall 2007 IK. It was nearly finished so I quickly got that part done and then before I knew it I had knit the front and back top pieces as well, because they're so small by themselves and a large collar will be knit on later to cover most of the chest.


I've now attached the fronts to the back at the sides and shoulders and picked up all along the bottom edge to knit on the skirt. I'm only a few rows in but it's a lovely place to be in a big project like this, because it's the bulk of the mindless work. I chose to work the skirt next rather than the sleeves, as the pattern calls for, but I might take a break at some point from the skirt to work the sleeves, as I see how far this amount of yarn takes me.


The yarn is a custom blend of alpaca, silk, and wool, in various shades of gray/silver, that I built at Yarnia in Portland in the summer of 2008. The weather in Nova Scotia is still cool, so it's not bad to be working on a piece that promises to be a lovely sweatercoat for fall.

Monday, May 3, 2010

WIP: Handkerchief Tee

In late March, I started Petrie, from the latest Knitty.


I added in a faux side seam and worked some waist shaping, though the pattern doesn't call for it. The fabric was coming out well enough and it was about the right size but I just didn't feel like I would ever be excited to wear something so simple and plain.


CK sent me the spring 2010 IK and the Handkerchief Tee caught my eye so I swatched and am working on the top back part now with the same Elann Nilo yarn in bronzed olive. Much better. I swatched on 5s and it came out too big so I'm using 4s; it's a drapey forgiving sort of top that I can wear over a tank or a dress, so I'm hoping the sizing will come out ok, and also that I'll have enough yarn! Luckily I can just knit the skirt until I run out of yarn.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

FO: Rosamund's Cardigan

Rosamund, modified with a cabled lower hem.


She is sans buttons for now, but I'll probably wear the sweater with something stuck through the front until I can find bigger buttons. I had a couple I thought might work but the wool is so sturdy and substantial that I think I'll keep looking for bigger ones. I also haven't sewn in any hook and eye closures, as I'm not sure I'll want them once there are buttons on.

Here are a few images from the hem-attaching process, in case anyone's inspired to try the same modification.


I first knit the two vertical bands a few extra inches beyond the length of the st st body. My cabled bands are about three inches wide so I knew that would be how much extra length the cabled horizontal hem would add. I picked up and knit 12 sts along the edge of the extended vertical band, then kfb into each st on the way back and also added an extra selvedge stitch to use to attach the horizontal cable hem to the body later. So with 25 stitches, I worked the triple cable, leaving that selvedge st in stockinette, until I had enough length to match up with the body width. This took awhile, since I was just working the cable and nothing else. I blocked the entire thing to see what would happen with the cable, and I was glad, because it really stretched out lengthwise when wet blocked.

Eventually I felt I had about the right length, and I set about attached it to the live body stitches. That didn't worked well, and I was nervous about the stability of the lower hem, so I ended up binding off the stockinette body stitches and then attaching the cabled hem to the BO sts.


I worked under two strands of the cabled selvedge, and under two BO stitches at a time. I used safety pins to line up the hem with the body at six inch intervals, so I could try to make sure I was using enough of the cabled hem to match up with the body.



It was a bit fiddly, but I'm pretty pleased with the result.