Monday, August 9, 2010

Knit Camp 2010

While I was home in Vermont I got lucky and the timing was perfect to attend my first ever knitting retreat: KnitCamp!


It was easy camping, with a leanto, lots of yummy food, and friends. And knitting for two days straight. With s'mores. What is not to like?


(that would be my knitting, a pink cardigan I'll show off later...)

Super pancakes and amazing maple smoked thick cut bacon:


We almost had a coffee disaster (ok, we totally had a coffee disaster) but it all turned out ok in the end, see these smiles?


Breakfast the second morning was gorgeous french toast and breakfast sausages from BH's parents, I do love knowing where my meat comes from:


This is Petey, he totally made our circle of knitters his pack and made sure to investigate anyone who came near. The rest of the time he snoozed quietly.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vermont Knit Camp ahoy!

Sorry, no pictures, though I've started a couple of super fun new projects and also acquired some new yarn yesterday.

Why new yarn when I've been sooo good for soooo long? Because I am going to Vermont Knit Camp this weekend and suddenly became very afraid that I did not have enough projects with me to allow me to knit basically nonstop during daylight hours all afternoon Friday, all day Saturday, and who knows? probably a chunk of Sunday morning as well.

The weather is going to be nice. There will be lovely people. Lots of food to share and enjoy. And as much knitting as I can handle for 48 hours. Woooooo!