New pattern: Étoile Blanket

Wow! It has taken me a long time (um... 2 years?) to compile all my notes from multiple notebooks and scraps of paper and sketches and finally publish a new pattern.

The new-to-me Ravelry pattern uploader is great!

You can find the Étoile Blanket over on Ravelry for a modest $5. I think you'll want to knit it more than once, it's so satisfying, so it's a good value! The Étoile Blanket is a lovely simple pattern that I've knit a couple of times for wedding gifts, and that I will definitely knit again in other yarns as every time it works up differently, yet it's easy knitting for TV watching or podcast listening.

Let me know what you think! :)


  1. That's actually a completely new pattern uploader! I think it's been around for maybe two weeks? Possibly less!

    And the blanket is beautiful, you know I love mushishi!

  2. Thanks :) I think I'd like to try the pattern in a baby blanket size, I think it would be great for wrapping around a wee one in a bassinet :)


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