Monday, March 24, 2008

blocking origami cardi

Some day when I have the space I will have a proper area or apparatus for blocking knits. Today is not that deay.

(top to bottom: back, front squares, sleeves)

Ahhh the sweet smell of wet wool. Sometime last week I finished the fifth and final piece of the Origami Cardi. It was a busy Easter weekend and tonight was the first opportunity to block. I'm proud of myself for blocking before seaming. Rather unlike me, really, though I am trying to learn vicariously through others' troubles.

Here we have the front pieces and sleeves from earlier when the back was still on the needles. I am looking forward to having this piece for spring weather when you need a warm something but it can be slightly airy at the same time. Still looking forward to seeing how it'll all come together as the construction is a bit different.

YAC (no 4) grows. I've dropped the first couple of stitches. I added two increase sections to the pattern as written so that it'll be wider than called for. I planned poorly this weekend and did not bring the next skein home for Easter; thus I finished the first skein Saturday evening and had nothing to knit all day Sunday. Luckily there was lots of eating to do and also card playing with my visiting card shark grandmother. Hope you had a happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

don't forget Mr R tomorrow!!

Thursday 3/20/08 would have been Mr Roger's 80th birthday. Wear a cardigan today to remember him!! Thanks for the tip to L&V, and watch the clip promoting 'be my neighbor day'.

And here's some old school breakdancing in the neighborhood!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

FO: Montego Bay Scarf & WIP: Y.A.C.

hola! it's just about precisely midday on another pre-spring grey Sunday morning but I am having a good time! There have been some technical difficulties with a dying camera battery but I've managed to upload some recent pics of this FO and also a new WIP. I bring you the finally-finished Monternut Scarf!

Delicately draped across my fab wrought iron spiral staircase (I do love my apartment!)

A fringy closeup:

I had decided to do the fringe in different ways on each end. on the cast on end I tried a short fat fringe, cutting sets of 5 12-inch lengths, and then doubling them over to braid stubby less-than 6 inch fringe on every other yarn over spot across the bottom, about 11 pieces of fringe. Prior to reaching the cast off edge I cut sets of 3 24 inch pieces of fringe, one for every yarn over spot. so there were twice as many and they were twice as long, but they're thinner and more delicate. and as it turns out, I like them better. but I think it adds interest to the scarf to have unmatching fringe at each end.

It was just a matter of finally getting myself together enough to focus on cutting the fringe, which I knew I needed to do before getting much farther along or I would run out of happy Butternut Yarn Pirate Merino/Tencel Booty club yarn. After doing that cutting I only needed to knit another dozen rows or so in pattern so it was good I hesitated when I did.

After blocking (gasp! I'm not usually very good about bothering to block, bad knitter!) this turned out longer than I expected and the blocking did indeed even out the knitting a bit. It looks quite nice. It will be a good spring scarf, if this snow would just melt!! The snow bank is in fact retracting from my back door which is quite handy for getting in without powder up to your ankles and an armful of groceries slowing you down.

Naturally I wanted to finish one of my WIPs before starting another project: this one's a gift to celebrate a special achievement and what can I say, Clapotis is a great pattern and nice for many yarns.

This is Knitpicks Gloss in Woodland Sage. Me likey. I'm knitting it up on size 6 needles and the drape is looking good. I'm getting near to the first dropping st stage (these pictures are just the beginning set up rows).

I'm working a couple of extra set up row repeats to widen the piece. I think I will have enough yarn to make a nice shoulder covering sizeable coverup, and the jewel tone is going to be great on the recipient, I think! These days I'm doing a lot of knitting while listening to audio books - I finished up Eragon and am now working through Eldest, which is longer to be sure! I'm about 1/4 of the way through. happy knitting!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

shift happens

today's food for thought. embedded as we are in this culture of distraction (I know I am - I subscribe to 54 different crafty bloglines along, don't ask me about my other folders in google reader) it's hard to realize how fast we are indeed careening on the information superhighway.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

progress made!

It has been a productive weekend. Just a few minutes ago I finished braiding the last bit of fringe on my butternut Montego Bay scarf and it's actually blocking - doesn't need it so much but I thought it would be interesting to see if it evens everything up a little bit. No picture - terrible lighting this late in the evening! Hopefully I can snap one tomorrow while the sun is out. It's nice to have finally finished that project - not difficult in the least but just needed me to sit down and pay attention for awhile.

I also cast on for YAC (yet-another-clapotis) last night. I'd like to get the set up rows done asap as it's a good candidate to go to a knit night on Tuesday. This one is going to be a nice gift shawl for an upcoming celebration; knit in knitpicks gloss 'woodland sage'. To be honest I'll probably bring the second front panel of the origami cardi to knit night instead as I've finished the berry-in-a-box border and have the straight rows to go for 8 inches or so in stockinette with just a little 4 st border each side to keep things tidy - and me awake. That cardigan is coming right along considering all the other things I've been working on - once this panel is done I just need to do the back piece and seam the whole thing up.

Pictures to come when the sun peeks its face out again...

Friday, March 7, 2008

fly by

crazy week - in weather, in politics, a tiny bit in crafting.... here, look at the pretty kitty, mesmerized by the sun after all the storms (another one will hit tomorrow):

Last weekend I started this slouchy attempt at the smart, classy Teahouse Sling, more on that this weekend, happy Friday!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

March, already?

Getting the stomach bug that's going around is all the rage these days. It hit me last Saturday, and I slept all day Sunday. at one point during consciousness I attempted to knit. I knit one row, on a front piece of the Origami Cardigan. I realized I had no desire to knit. It was awful.

Luckily I had a nice companion to keep me company over the weekend: McK the visiting kitty, who was allowed to come and go as he pleased since his owners were away and had asked me to look in on him occasionally. We spent a lot of time napping. It was nice to have a bit of company, though.

McK knows that's his bed now!

This weekend is very sporty. I took yesterday off work to get in an excellent day of skiing in central VT. It was sunny and gorgeous after a frigid (record breaking cold) start. You don't find me on the mountain until the temp is in the positive F digits. That happened about 1030 am yesterday.

Today there is a massive snowshow race down the road and I'm headed to that to volunteer, checking people in and selling tee shirts or whatever they need me to do. It's a big international thing, with Scandinavians and Italians and Canadians and what have you coming here to a small town to attempt to be crowned North American champion. Should be fun! There is a ton of snow falling right now so it should be interesting.

My knitting mojo is somewhat back; I did try to finish up the beanie I was working on but the raglan decs I tried didn't happen for me with the size three needles and sock yarn. I will have to rip back and work out some other decrease.

The Origami Cardi is coming along; I'm more than halfway finished the first front piece and the sleeves are done already. I had cast on for the back initially but was way off in measurements so started a sleeve in order to get it right and just kept working from there. I'll need to frog that back piece eventually.