Monday, July 26, 2010

WIP: Handkerchief Tee f/b

We have a front and back for the Handkerchief Tee, which is such a nicely written pattern once you master the lace.


It took me two or three tries to get properly cast on for the skirt section, which was mildly frustrating. It's a provisional cast on, and when you need to join to knit in the round and the very first round is the lace chart in four sections with a different lace section at the corners, it is very hard to keep track of not twisting your work, and also getting the lace set up correctly. Yikes. I ended up knitting the first few rows flat and joining once I could be sure I had the pattern established and could join without twisting. I'm now working in the round and have several inches of the skirt knit but it looks just like the earlier pieces (except it can't lay flat) so I didn't take a picture yet. I'm really excited to wrap up this project because I think it's going to look fantastic layered over lots of different things.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

WIP: Tilted Duster

A quick update on my Tilted Duster - recently we've been having a lot of hot weather here in Nova Scotia but before that there was a cool period when I was able to focus a bit on this project, including figuring out how I would pick up stitches around the arm hole and knit down, wanting more control over the final length of the sleeves than I usually have. Also I don't enjoy setting in sleeves.


The bit of pink in there is a yarn held together with the working yarn when I picked up sts, to use later for tightening up the gap in picked up stitches and the sleeve. I think it's going to work out beautifully.

Here we are with more of the sleeve cap knit:


Basically you pick up sts around, divide each side by three, and work a short row sleeve cap back and forth, picking up another st on each side as you go. I had lots of help from here (video)and here.

With the recent hot weather I've gone back to knitting cotton or linen, but I'm excited to have the Duster finished for late fall/early winter this year.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sheldon knits

I am so loving this Sheldon comic series lately, you have to check it out:

Sheldon knits. Yay, knitting comics!

Have a great day, hopefully there will be some knitting content this weekend. I have several good sized projects that just need some attention and will be finished. Then I can start really planning for Vermont knit camp at Groton State Park!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Virginia yarns...

I'm in Richmond VA for about 48 hours (slightly less) so of course I had to check out the nearest yarn shop to the inn I'm staying at, nevermind the 96 degree heat or nasty humidity or thunderstorm that threatened this dedicated pedestrian.

Thirty-three blocks later (blisters forming) my water bottle was empty, it was sprinkling (completely different from Halifax in that rather than walking through thick fog or a very disperse rain storm the drops were huge and splatty) and I reached the Yarn Lounge.

I made several rounds of the lovely shop while it started pouring with a vengeance outside (apparently there has been no rain for ages, though it seems green and humid enough to me!) and chatted with the staff and knitters around the work table. I fell in love with Rowan's Lima yarn and want to buy a bag for a super cozy fall sweater asap. The colors are heathered and elegant, the construction is a thick lofty cable sort of thing that I usually don't go for, but I saw several pieces knitted up and they were stunning. It's mostly alpaca with a bit of merino and nylon and I feel like the construction would make it fairly hard wearing and unlikely to sag. I want some. The color choice will be hard. Also at $14 per 109 yd ball and me with a carry on and still on that pesky student budget, a sweater's worth was not in the cards today.

One of the lovely ladies there let me fill up my water bottle from their water cooler when I simply was looking for a tap, and I finished it in no time as the rain settled and I set back out for the hotel to get in a cold shower before being picked up for (a job interview) dinner! Crashing very soon with a full day of more interviewy stuff tomorrow.