Sunday, March 18, 2007

the Noro triangle in action

I have searched the archives and come up with only one picture where you can really see the scarf from below in action. I have a few others that are further away but this one is particularly nice because it's taken from the York 'castle' or remains of it really, with a good view of the city. it's windy up there, and for some reason I look like a giraffe, but nevermind. This is from February 2004. England.

Noro Kureyon triangle scarf

I knit this scarf in Colorado in the winter 2002-2003 at some point. I was inspired by a knitting magazine I flipped through while hanging out at Denver's awesome Tattered Cover bookstore.

That was my first time playing with short rows, here you make three narrow triangles next to each other and then switch directions to pivot the direction of the scarf.

You can see a fold in the knitting--the scarf is about 8-9 inches wide and very thick, as you'll know if you know Noro Kureyon, so I wore it sort of folded in half. The winter following, when I was at Durham doing my MA, I wore it every time I left my room as it went so well with my denim peacoat, showing a different chunk of color every time I put it on, and sitting up stiffly to cover my chin and fend off the damp British wind. A definite favorite. Sadly it was left behind last year while I was in Japan (and the previous winter, spent mostly in Oakland CA, where it would not have been needed) but this winter, hooray! It was unearthed and has been transported to Oslo where I have been wearing it quite a lot as most of the colors go well enough with my current pea-green duffel coat. It still looks awesome--its photo was not taken till January 07 even though it's three years young.

and with a pink ribbon...

Sadly the hush-hush has only been out in public twice. And now it languishes in a drawer on another continent, as it pretty much has since I finished it. With the unbelievably good prices on cashmere and silk blends offered by ColourMart UK I am quite tempted to order a cone or two of truly luxurious stuff and knit up another one! If only I really had time for projects so large...

She looked damn good over jeans and a black zip up cardigan thing down at the local pub for an evening meeting area friends as we all gathered in our home town for the holidays. And two of them were fellow crafters who could appreciate the pattern and the hard work, always a bonus!