FO: mini sweater ornament

It happened so fast I didn't even have a chance to mention it! A call went out a couple of weeks ago for contributions to a gift basket for my department to raffle off to raise money at Christmas. I looked around my space, thinking, what do I have that I don't really want that I could give them. I thought of a DVD I have that I will never watch again, or a book that I know I will never read again and can't think of anyone else to give it to. It just seemed like such items would be too incongruous and random. Then I spotted my knitting bag. Hmm. A knitted ornament would be a great idea. I remembered those mini Harry Potter sweaters and thought something like that would be quick and fun! I ended up basing a design off of this pattern, which is actually knit top down, and I wanted to do mine bottom up - I don't know why, because the shoulder turned out all misshapen! I ended up winging it, and this is what we have:


Those are my department's initials. I put the year on the back:


I was thrilled when the director of my department won the raffle, thinking she would appreciate the handmade ornament - but then she decided to let us re-raffle the basket so someone else can win it. The drawing is today. I hope the basket goes to someone who will appreciate the effort!! Most of the other stuff in the basket is cookies and chocolates - though someone did donate some teeny containers of play-doh so that's kind of fun.

Ok, tea is steeping, back to my work!


  1. Sim? Like it's a sweater simulation?

  2. Lara,
    While working on my paper (he he he) I found your wonderful site of knitted treasures.How lovely. What a talent you are!!
    Hope you don't find this creepy.I'm a sneaky girl........


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