FO: Lace Ribbon Scarf

I managed to wrap this up right at the end of class Thursday. Although classmates appreciated the squishy yarn and beautiful color, it wasn't until I blocked it and brought it out again yesterday that the pattern was understood. It looks great! This pattern is wonderful, I would totally knit it again - if there wasn't a whole world of great scarf patterns out there.


The light has been dim for the last few days so I'll try to take a better picture when the sun decides to visit again; the colors are so subtle with this colorway, photographing it is a challenge.

I bought the yarn for this project almost exactly a year ago at the yarn shop that is now my closest LYS; when I bought the yarn I lived hundreds of miles away and south of the border. The shop is celebrating an anniversary of opening, so I went down yesterday with the scarf and an eye out for treats that were promised as well as some yarn sales. I had no trouble finding a salesperson to chat with about my just finished project, and there were some nice cookies around, but I didn't see any deals going (and I don't need any yarn at the moment, so I'd only add to my stash if I saw a good deal...) until I had almost determined to leave. By the door there was a small display of odds and ends, marked down appropriately, but nothing to tempt me.

And now there are only two weeks left in the term and an awful lot needs to happen so sadly there is not going to be much knitting time until early December!


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