risk management

Unfortunately not in the crafty context. Today. I have a paper due at 4 today (pretty much done, yay me) and another paper due tomorrow at 5 (mostly done, ok, needs some work, semi-yay me) and I just got distracted from doing reading for class which starts in an hour by this amazing beret, completed by the ADD Knitter:
Selbu Modern

And the yarn looked intriguing, so I investigated further and found that Shelridge Farm in Durham, ON, Canada (so close, yet so far!) produce something that looks amazingly like Koigu solids - same yardage/twist/gauge - for $10.50 a skein. After looking at the lovely solids and then the shipping prices (they don't sell in regular stores, just online and at fiber festivals - they have the next year's worth of travels posted on their site and none of them are close enough to me...) I discovered on Ravelry that they also do handpaints - FOR THE SAME PRICE. How is it possible? You would definitely need two skeins if you knit socks but I have my eye on the free pattern for the Selbu beret, for which I would need two skeins in two colors. mmmmm. Thinking of knitting projects is so much more fun than doing schoolwork!

No new pictures at the moment but a quick update - the Minimalist Cardigan is getting closer - I'm on the second sleeve, about 1/3 of the way up. And there is a plan for a knitting gathering in my dept tomorrow, so I will be bringing that and hoping to get that sleeve done pretty soon. Then I can seam/block, in an order to be determined. The lace ribbon scarf is also very nearly finished, and it is coming with me today - because I'm off to a Risk Management lecture - oh joy!!


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