revisiting an FO: SWS Fetching

I have several big projects on the go - but this is a post about a pair of mitts I finished almost two years ago, I think. They were living in a suitcase by accident for about a year but now they're out in the open again - and I was wearing them this month a few times - and continually tucking in the yarn ends hanging off the thumb part. I never got around to weaving the ends in. Yet I wore them anyway. I just kept pulling the thread inside the thumb part and adjusting it often. Silly, silly. I am posting about this because I FINALLY ran the ends in. Yay me! These are now 100% finished.


Laugh if you must, and then go and run in some ends on whatever you're working on - you'll thank yourself later.

As for actual, current projects... I've been using my research paper (originally due tomorrow, now due Wednesday, I don't know which is worse!) breaks to seam my Minimalist Cardigan. Friday I sewed up the sides, yesterday I seamed the shoulders and set in one sleeve. Of course the sleeve caps were a bit long to fit into the arm scythe, but I managed to finesse them so the first one fit in well enough. Today my goal is to work on the paper for a couple of hours and then set in the second sleeve. The last steps will be to sew the sleeve seams themselves and then block this thing - I just couldn't face the blocking before the sewing - I can't wait to see how it fits once the stockinette band around the neck and down the front are laying flat, because right now they roll something awful. Oh, yes, I also have to finish knitting the neckband, because I ran on out of yarn one one side and just left both sides with live stitches so I could continue knitting one side and make it all work out to be the right length. We'll see how that goes!

Tea is steeped, and hopefully later I'll download the pictures I took yesterday of the progress on the Mini Cardi up to this point.


  1. okay, you are going to finish your sweater before i do - mine's languishing in the "i need to be seamed" pile! what method are you using to stitch 'er up? mattress stitch was looking something awful on mine... couldn't get it to look the same on both sides of the sleeve cap. ><

    pretty wristwarmers!

  2. So pretty! I got a kick out of your end-weaving story. I just wove in a yarn end at work on Friday. All the others were done, but I just missed one. :)


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