progress made!

It has been a productive weekend. Just a few minutes ago I finished braiding the last bit of fringe on my butternut Montego Bay scarf and it's actually blocking - doesn't need it so much but I thought it would be interesting to see if it evens everything up a little bit. No picture - terrible lighting this late in the evening! Hopefully I can snap one tomorrow while the sun is out. It's nice to have finally finished that project - not difficult in the least but just needed me to sit down and pay attention for awhile.

I also cast on for YAC (yet-another-clapotis) last night. I'd like to get the set up rows done asap as it's a good candidate to go to a knit night on Tuesday. This one is going to be a nice gift shawl for an upcoming celebration; knit in knitpicks gloss 'woodland sage'. To be honest I'll probably bring the second front panel of the origami cardi to knit night instead as I've finished the berry-in-a-box border and have the straight rows to go for 8 inches or so in stockinette with just a little 4 st border each side to keep things tidy - and me awake. That cardigan is coming right along considering all the other things I've been working on - once this panel is done I just need to do the back piece and seam the whole thing up.

Pictures to come when the sun peeks its face out again...