March, already?

Getting the stomach bug that's going around is all the rage these days. It hit me last Saturday, and I slept all day Sunday. at one point during consciousness I attempted to knit. I knit one row, on a front piece of the Origami Cardigan. I realized I had no desire to knit. It was awful.

Luckily I had a nice companion to keep me company over the weekend: McK the visiting kitty, who was allowed to come and go as he pleased since his owners were away and had asked me to look in on him occasionally. We spent a lot of time napping. It was nice to have a bit of company, though.

McK knows that's his bed now!

This weekend is very sporty. I took yesterday off work to get in an excellent day of skiing in central VT. It was sunny and gorgeous after a frigid (record breaking cold) start. You don't find me on the mountain until the temp is in the positive F digits. That happened about 1030 am yesterday.

Today there is a massive snowshow race down the road and I'm headed to that to volunteer, checking people in and selling tee shirts or whatever they need me to do. It's a big international thing, with Scandinavians and Italians and Canadians and what have you coming here to a small town to attempt to be crowned North American champion. Should be fun! There is a ton of snow falling right now so it should be interesting.

My knitting mojo is somewhat back; I did try to finish up the beanie I was working on but the raglan decs I tried didn't happen for me with the size three needles and sock yarn. I will have to rip back and work out some other decrease.

The Origami Cardi is coming along; I'm more than halfway finished the first front piece and the sleeves are done already. I had cast on for the back initially but was way off in measurements so started a sleeve in order to get it right and just kept working from there. I'll need to frog that back piece eventually.