blocking origami cardi

Some day when I have the space I will have a proper area or apparatus for blocking knits. Today is not that deay.

(top to bottom: back, front squares, sleeves)

Ahhh the sweet smell of wet wool. Sometime last week I finished the fifth and final piece of the Origami Cardi. It was a busy Easter weekend and tonight was the first opportunity to block. I'm proud of myself for blocking before seaming. Rather unlike me, really, though I am trying to learn vicariously through others' troubles.

Here we have the front pieces and sleeves from earlier when the back was still on the needles. I am looking forward to having this piece for spring weather when you need a warm something but it can be slightly airy at the same time. Still looking forward to seeing how it'll all come together as the construction is a bit different.

YAC (no 4) grows. I've dropped the first couple of stitches. I added two increase sections to the pattern as written so that it'll be wider than called for. I planned poorly this weekend and did not bring the next skein home for Easter; thus I finished the first skein Saturday evening and had nothing to knit all day Sunday. Luckily there was lots of eating to do and also card playing with my visiting card shark grandmother. Hope you had a happy Easter!


  1. Beautiful! I look forward to some action shots. I've browsed some other projects and I have questions about the drape. Good job!

  2. oooh, pretty! and what a good idea for blocking! i'm going to have to try that - i bet your pieces dried pretty quickly.

  3. i want to come play cards with your grandma! (eating sounds good too.)

  4. You know, I've really grown to like (not love) the smell of wet wool. It smells like sweet completion!


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