FO: Montego Bay Scarf & WIP: Y.A.C.

hola! it's just about precisely midday on another pre-spring grey Sunday morning but I am having a good time! There have been some technical difficulties with a dying camera battery but I've managed to upload some recent pics of this FO and also a new WIP. I bring you the finally-finished Monternut Scarf!

Delicately draped across my fab wrought iron spiral staircase (I do love my apartment!)

A fringy closeup:

I had decided to do the fringe in different ways on each end. on the cast on end I tried a short fat fringe, cutting sets of 5 12-inch lengths, and then doubling them over to braid stubby less-than 6 inch fringe on every other yarn over spot across the bottom, about 11 pieces of fringe. Prior to reaching the cast off edge I cut sets of 3 24 inch pieces of fringe, one for every yarn over spot. so there were twice as many and they were twice as long, but they're thinner and more delicate. and as it turns out, I like them better. but I think it adds interest to the scarf to have unmatching fringe at each end.

It was just a matter of finally getting myself together enough to focus on cutting the fringe, which I knew I needed to do before getting much farther along or I would run out of happy Butternut Yarn Pirate Merino/Tencel Booty club yarn. After doing that cutting I only needed to knit another dozen rows or so in pattern so it was good I hesitated when I did.

After blocking (gasp! I'm not usually very good about bothering to block, bad knitter!) this turned out longer than I expected and the blocking did indeed even out the knitting a bit. It looks quite nice. It will be a good spring scarf, if this snow would just melt!! The snow bank is in fact retracting from my back door which is quite handy for getting in without powder up to your ankles and an armful of groceries slowing you down.

Naturally I wanted to finish one of my WIPs before starting another project: this one's a gift to celebrate a special achievement and what can I say, Clapotis is a great pattern and nice for many yarns.

This is Knitpicks Gloss in Woodland Sage. Me likey. I'm knitting it up on size 6 needles and the drape is looking good. I'm getting near to the first dropping st stage (these pictures are just the beginning set up rows).

I'm working a couple of extra set up row repeats to widen the piece. I think I will have enough yarn to make a nice shoulder covering sizeable coverup, and the jewel tone is going to be great on the recipient, I think! These days I'm doing a lot of knitting while listening to audio books - I finished up Eragon and am now working through Eldest, which is longer to be sure! I'm about 1/4 of the way through. happy knitting!


  1. you have been a busy knitter! LOVE the scarf!

    (haven't touched the needles yet today but planning to pick 'em up a bit later. i've been making more earrings...)


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