Friday, June 29, 2007

beading session results

I love memory wire! On Wednesday CK and I had a beading session.

I really like the coppery thing I came up with. The little textured small beads are from a craft shop in Japan; I picked them up knowing I needed them. The other larger beads are from a value pack that had a lot of interesting things in it.

The pewter/silver colored seed bead bracelet I made two weeks previous on another free Wednesday from beads that have been sitting around forever. It's just that we finally got in some memory wire to play with, and it's so great and easy to make clasp-less bracelets!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

market bag progress

I'm working on the straps now. Using a kitchen cotton that doesn't match so this bag will be so one of a kind! This it the body of the bag. The straps are in linen stitch, which I am loving.

I have been spending too much time on Ravelry (I'm malaraky! Stop on by!) and I was thrilled to get a message recently from a volunteer editor asking if they could use one of my pics of my Intolerable Cruelty to be the picture for the pattern on the site. It is the first uploaded picture of that pattern despite the fact that the pattern was published in Knitty last fall. I must give photo credit to CK as I couldn't have taken it myself. how lovely!

upcoming posts include the step by step cannibalization of my Kyoto sweater--not for the faint of heart, and also the evolution of a crafter--we had a very successful yardsale over the weekend and I discovered as I was putting away a few things that didn't sell that I have a box full of different kinds of crafts from my young young young crafty years. it was bizarre, but interesting. And how was I allowed to accumulate all these materials without finishing most of my projects? I know I wasn't financially solvent! a journey in the early years of a craft-addict. coming asap.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

teaser and ravelry

Teaser photo of my Intolerable Cruelty! And I got my Ravelry invite today at last so I will be checking in there asap and trying to get photos of all my FOs in one place hurrah! So looking forward to touching base with various podcasters I have come to enjoy so much, and bloggers and all the lovely members of this great community! My IC (below) debuted at knit night at the new LYS downtown tonight and was much loved, which always makes a knitter happy, to be admired! goodnight!

Monday, June 18, 2007

css / progress bar help!

I've had to disable my progress bars over on the side--I tried importing the code from my personal blog that has the older blogger template and where the progress bars work fine, and they've become all messed up. Any suggestions much appreciated!

There are a lot of things I want to add to this blog before I really get around to posting the address for example when I comment on other crafters' blogs. I'm catching up on all the Lime and Violet Podcasts while I wait for their newest episode(s) and I've recently gotten into listening to Australian David Reidy on the Sticks and String podcast. What a lovely voice he has! The craziness that is Knitters Uncensored is also quite amusing. There's no end of good stuff to listen to while I work on finishing that darned casing at the top of my Intolerable Cruelty! The loops for the lacing came out great and I took a picture while I haven't downloaded yet but soon...soon. Point is, I'd like to add a sidebar listing the podcasts I'm enjoying and also a list of the blogs I read on a regular basis--mostly the ones that I have in my RSS reader.

I'm still waiting on Ravelry! I heard from Casey that I'm number 2600 or something on the sign ups and they're closing in on that range of the waiting list so it could happen at any time. and then I will be very distracted trying to organize photos of all my FOs and stash and such. Not that I'm in any sort of comparable league to many of the users, I'm sure, but it will be a great community to be a part of anyway!

I am also supposed to be working on another bday gift, out of some personally recycled yarn. Not for the faint of heart--this weekend I dismantled a rather large project that just did not turn out right (and/or wearable) and the cotton is going to be used for a couple of things, including a bag of sorts. The process of tearing apart was documented and I'll be posting that soon... if you can handle it!

Sunday, June 17, 2007 hard

I am working on finishing my Intolerable Cruelty. I am being reminded of why I don't like finishing things. It has taken me hours to figure out exactly where the little loops should go, and longer to figure out that when I insert the crochet hook from the right into the little loops it looks different on the left side of the panel from the right side of the panel. It looks great on the right side (I'm working them both sort of at the same time in order to hopefully have some symmetry going on) but really bad on the left side--so I tried inserting the hook from the left to get it to look better and it's better but not good, since I'm right handed and doing this like a lefty is not working. My dad came in (Happy Father's day!) and looked at the problem and suggested I turn the skirt around and work from the top down in the right-handed natural way--genius! I should mention he does not do anything crafty. Ten minutes later my mom came in and I was still struggling with my stitch spacing and she saw the problem and suggested the exact same solution! With two genius parents you would think I would have thought of turning it upside down. No. It did occur to me that of course then my stitches would be running in opposite directions but if they look neater and tidy and smooth then I will not care. So I grabbed my last remaining cone of bamboo to try this with from the opposite side. I am also afraid that I have not spaced the stitches out well and I am going to end up doing this all over again. I just can't wait to run the ribbons through and have corset-y goodness going on!! Here is a picture I took a few days ago (btw, knitting the body of the skirt took me exactly one month from casting on to casting off, how fun! Unfortunately doing the finishing is adding considerable time...) of the skirt laid out on the picnic table on a nice day. it looks a bit shapeless. By the time I have wrapped up the finishing it will not be shapeless. It will be AMAZING. oh yes.

I am working on finishing while catching up on old Lime and Violet podcasts. I have already listened to all of number 23 and now am on 22, ten minutes into the 65 minute podcast. Cross your fingers I finish the lacing before the end of this podcast or I might have to call it a day. Erg.

Just for fun, here are two pics of the purple dream swatch of purpleness that I sent across the pond for a birthday that fast approaches. I don't block often, but when I do I am encouraged by how it comes out!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Yarn Pirate Booty!

Wheeeeee! Managed to get in on a 3 month initial subscription to Yarn Pirate's new sock yarn club!!! I was expecting the server to crash and yet it all went through beautifully and smoothly! exciting, can't wait to see what the first month brings!!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Dream swatch in purple, Intolerable Cruelty in lipstick!

WIPs from last weekend...we left for Quebec City for the holiday weekend shortly thereafter, therefore pictures only forthcoming now!

This is the Dream swatch head wrap in purply purple cotton of purpleness...and when I first started I thought I might combine a strand of finer softer slightly less purple and more blue cotton as well in stripey goodness but later on I decided against it, so this is how it used to look:

And it's quite a bit further along now, sans lighter purple bits, but very cool and going to be long enough to be either a belt for a particularly colorful friend whose bday approaches, or a head wrap as I will suggest to her. It'll need strong blocking as it rolls like crazy but it is a very fun little knit. Also the cotton is quite thick and sturdy but I think that won't be a drawback to wearing it once it's stretched out a bit and not rolling so much. I'll try to finish it up soon and send it before long as it'll go international...

And here's the latest project for me, in birthday bamboo though my bday isn't till August... might have twisted a parental arm on this one:
I just measured it again, it's 19 inches long now (not in the picture!) and supposed to be 20 before I start the ruffle. Yes, it's the Intolerable Cruelty pattern from Knitty... and here we have the panel where the sexy ribbon will go--when I find a suitable one...
It's in Halcyon yarns bamboo, new this season I think, which I love love love. It's so soft and drape-y and gorgeous. It's going to be finished before I know it (I say that now, but my wrists are a little ache-y after listening to two Lime and Violet podcasts in a row (I was catching up from February-ish) and cranking out a couple of decrease repeats--every 18 rows with 7 rows to the inch ouch.


I should have fiddled with the colors of these pieces before posting but... I'm not so good at taking the time to even post so that's that.

A few weeks ago, before the bamboo arrived in the mail, I had started Latoya from Berocco, in Knitpicks shine cotton leftover from the Kyoto I knit most of while finishing up in Japan last summer. The Kyoto turned out shapeless and not well fitting --my first big seaming job and believe me, I learned a lot! --and I've been thinking about ripping it out. First I started with the leftover cotton though...
Close up of the interesting asymmetrical hem. And you may notice that there are no needles or cable attached to this piece. Well, my bamboo had arrived and I had pretty much decided this cotton will have to turn into a Saturday Market bag or something where shape is not important in order to redeem itself. Because I do like the color. I have some in 'river' also which could accent a nice lacy bag thing.

And I quickly realized that the needles were too big to make a nice fabric for the top, plus I have curves that are not friendly to loosely knitted fabrics. I think this cotton is just too stretch for a cotton--it is part modal if I remember correctly--yes. I just checked.

One last picture:

of the only semi-organized part of my stash--my cotton collection. for the most part. well taken care of in a neat plastic tub. everything else--old acrylic from my first afghans, cotton thread for crocheting doilies which never got finished or else little stars for the Christmas tree that never got finished--is stored in plastic bags and in a plastic hamper that is truly horrid in my little crafty closet. someday it'll all be organized....

Thunderstorm! Third night in a row! Going to shut down my computer and be safe as I think it has overheated from all the L&V yarn pr*n!!