I am working on finishing my Intolerable Cruelty. I am being reminded of why I don't like finishing things. It has taken me hours to figure out exactly where the little loops should go, and longer to figure out that when I insert the crochet hook from the right into the little loops it looks different on the left side of the panel from the right side of the panel. It looks great on the right side (I'm working them both sort of at the same time in order to hopefully have some symmetry going on) but really bad on the left side--so I tried inserting the hook from the left to get it to look better and it's better but not good, since I'm right handed and doing this like a lefty is not working. My dad came in (Happy Father's day!) and looked at the problem and suggested I turn the skirt around and work from the top down in the right-handed natural way--genius! I should mention he does not do anything crafty. Ten minutes later my mom came in and I was still struggling with my stitch spacing and she saw the problem and suggested the exact same solution! With two genius parents you would think I would have thought of turning it upside down. No. It did occur to me that of course then my stitches would be running in opposite directions but if they look neater and tidy and smooth then I will not care. So I grabbed my last remaining cone of bamboo to try this with from the opposite side. I am also afraid that I have not spaced the stitches out well and I am going to end up doing this all over again. I just can't wait to run the ribbons through and have corset-y goodness going on!! Here is a picture I took a few days ago (btw, knitting the body of the skirt took me exactly one month from casting on to casting off, how fun! Unfortunately doing the finishing is adding considerable time...) of the skirt laid out on the picnic table on a nice day. it looks a bit shapeless. By the time I have wrapped up the finishing it will not be shapeless. It will be AMAZING. oh yes.

I am working on finishing while catching up on old Lime and Violet podcasts. I have already listened to all of number 23 and now am on 22, ten minutes into the 65 minute podcast. Cross your fingers I finish the lacing before the end of this podcast or I might have to call it a day. Erg.

Just for fun, here are two pics of the purple dream swatch of purpleness that I sent across the pond for a birthday that fast approaches. I don't block often, but when I do I am encouraged by how it comes out!