css / progress bar help!

I've had to disable my progress bars over on the side--I tried importing the code from my personal blog that has the older blogger template and where the progress bars work fine, and they've become all messed up. Any suggestions much appreciated!

There are a lot of things I want to add to this blog before I really get around to posting the address for example when I comment on other crafters' blogs. I'm catching up on all the Lime and Violet Podcasts while I wait for their newest episode(s) and I've recently gotten into listening to Australian David Reidy on the Sticks and String podcast. What a lovely voice he has! The craziness that is Knitters Uncensored is also quite amusing. There's no end of good stuff to listen to while I work on finishing that darned casing at the top of my Intolerable Cruelty! The loops for the lacing came out great and I took a picture while I haven't downloaded yet but soon...soon. Point is, I'd like to add a sidebar listing the podcasts I'm enjoying and also a list of the blogs I read on a regular basis--mostly the ones that I have in my RSS reader.

I'm still waiting on Ravelry! I heard from Casey that I'm number 2600 or something on the sign ups and they're closing in on that range of the waiting list so it could happen at any time. and then I will be very distracted trying to organize photos of all my FOs and stash and such. Not that I'm in any sort of comparable league to many of the users, I'm sure, but it will be a great community to be a part of anyway!

I am also supposed to be working on another bday gift, out of some personally recycled yarn. Not for the faint of heart--this weekend I dismantled a rather large project that just did not turn out right (and/or wearable) and the cotton is going to be used for a couple of things, including a bag of sorts. The process of tearing apart was documented and I'll be posting that soon... if you can handle it!


  1. I can't remember where I found this but you have to add a new HTML/Java Script page element in the side bar and post the following (this includes one 100% complete project)

    Scratch that, blogger won't let me paste the code here. I'll send you a msg via Ravlery.


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