market bag progress

I'm working on the straps now. Using a kitchen cotton that doesn't match so this bag will be so one of a kind! This it the body of the bag. The straps are in linen stitch, which I am loving.

I have been spending too much time on Ravelry (I'm malaraky! Stop on by!) and I was thrilled to get a message recently from a volunteer editor asking if they could use one of my pics of my Intolerable Cruelty to be the picture for the pattern on the site. It is the first uploaded picture of that pattern despite the fact that the pattern was published in Knitty last fall. I must give photo credit to CK as I couldn't have taken it myself. how lovely!

upcoming posts include the step by step cannibalization of my Kyoto sweater--not for the faint of heart, and also the evolution of a crafter--we had a very successful yardsale over the weekend and I discovered as I was putting away a few things that didn't sell that I have a box full of different kinds of crafts from my young young young crafty years. it was bizarre, but interesting. And how was I allowed to accumulate all these materials without finishing most of my projects? I know I wasn't financially solvent! a journey in the early years of a craft-addict. coming asap.