Wednesday, May 9, 2007

pattern numero uno

working on writing up my first pattern. I've taken lots of notes... they're just a bit disorganized. it's easy enough, a vest worked in the round to the armholes... up to the armhole point. once the dividing happens things get a lot more complicated and I'm trying to make sure it's written up properly in case anyone other than me ever ends up trying to recreate it. exciting!

In happier news, Halcyon Yarns sent me snips of four bamboo colors I was very interested in for the Intolerable Cruelty skirt! I asked for 7, 11, 12 & 13. I think it'll have to be number 12, which is called lipstick, but it's more deep red than pink, so I like it despite its name. The colors of the yarn are all brighter than they appear on the screen, so I'm really glad I asked for samples. They were so good, sending them out the same day since the yarn is so new they haven't made up color cards yet! At first they offered to backorder a color card for me but I said I wanted to buy yarn soon! So they asked which colors I was interested in and put them in the mail the same day. you really cannot ask for better service than that! Going to get a couple of other opinions and then make a decision and get that order placed!

Also today I ordered Dyeing to Knit, so excited to have a try at dyeing yarn as I've never done it. How hard could it be?!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Noro Silk Garden MD scarf - a FO!

it's finally finished. after a year in Japan not finding ANY Noro (ok, there was one dept store that had some bizarre tape ribbon cotton stuff I'd never seen before in gorgeous colors) my knitting compadre sent me, upon her return to the UK, two skeins of silk garden in a greeny colorway. me being famous for liking greens. I had been wanting to do an MD scarf (I did a different one in Noro before I'd ever heard what MD [multi-directional] was, pictures posted previously) and Noro is great for that plus the silk garden had a great scarfy texture. I ended up working in a strand of glittery green embroidery thread into every other triangle, so all the triangles in one direction are also sparkly, and the opposite ones are not. I like it a lot.Not sure if you can see it but the lower triangle has the glittery thread in it. This scarf is much narrower than my original Noro Kureyon MD scarf. On purpose. Now back to finishing Clapotis number 3!

Friday, May 4, 2007

giant knitted hand!

you have to check this out! It's a giant knitted glove covered a hand-shaped chair. Not a project I could ever see myself taking on. Thanks to the Yarn Harlot for the tip on that one. yowza!

I did no knitting at all yesterday on clapotis no. trois and just remembered this morning about my multidirectional scarf in noro silk garden that is so nearly completed and has been put aside in favor of the clap and branching out--although even that one I have not worked on for weeks! as I'll be leaving the country once again for the US in two days (for hopefully only a couple of weeks) it would be so sensible to finish up the MD scarf in order to bring at least the KP options parts being used on it with me, if I decide to leave the scarf here for now, as it won't be usable for months now. hooray for spring!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

thinking of a new project...

Intolerable Cruelty from Knitty. Thing is, it should be knitted in bamboo. Thing is, I really want the excuse to try some bamboo! Other thing is, most suppliers sell it in 50 gram balls for $7-10 or so, and the SouthWest Trading Company that the pattern calls for comes in 100 gram balls for $13-14 so clearly buying the 5 or so balls called for in the pattern (500 grams then) makes sense only if you use the SWTC. Thirteen times five is... $65. Ouch. Possibly obtainable as birthday yarn. But is there a better way?

I am so psyched! After quite a bit of searching I just happened to stumble back onto Halcyon yarns and they have bamboo now! I ordered 3/2 pearl cotton from them to knit the Hush-hush a couple of years ago and I was really pleased with the cotton, plus it was super cheap! So now it turns out I could order the bamboo--also DK weight, as the pattern calls for!--from Halcyon yarns--and they have more colors!!!! hooray hooray! Ordering one cone means I'll get twice as much as I need for half the price. How is this not the best deal of the day?! Thinking about color 13, called wine. It's going to be a super striking skirt, might as well have it in a deep red color.

And I can offload the bamboo half left over probably on the Destash blog, which I have just joined. Sweet. It's a great way to give someone else the chance to use your yarn that you've already tried out and decided not to use, or have left over or whatnot. I've actually been keeping my eyes open for bamboo, which there is not a lot of going around, and usable lots of nice colors for sweaters, tops etc. There is too much! Some people are really giving it away for much less than the worth of the yarn and others are trying to get the full value--for very popular things like Sweet Georgia sock yarn or Fleece Artist stuff. I can hardly blame them.

In other news, the current secret Clapotis (no. 3!) is about 3/4 done. Meaning I finished the final repeat of the straight rows I can do with ball number three, tiny bit left on that one and then on to the final ball. No pictures possible for now since the intended recipient's bday is far away! I really should share pics of my first two claps though. stay tuned.