Noro Silk Garden MD scarf - a FO!

it's finally finished. after a year in Japan not finding ANY Noro (ok, there was one dept store that had some bizarre tape ribbon cotton stuff I'd never seen before in gorgeous colors) my knitting compadre sent me, upon her return to the UK, two skeins of silk garden in a greeny colorway. me being famous for liking greens. I had been wanting to do an MD scarf (I did a different one in Noro before I'd ever heard what MD [multi-directional] was, pictures posted previously) and Noro is great for that plus the silk garden had a great scarfy texture. I ended up working in a strand of glittery green embroidery thread into every other triangle, so all the triangles in one direction are also sparkly, and the opposite ones are not. I like it a lot.Not sure if you can see it but the lower triangle has the glittery thread in it. This scarf is much narrower than my original Noro Kureyon MD scarf. On purpose. Now back to finishing Clapotis number 3!