giant knitted hand!

you have to check this out! It's a giant knitted glove covered a hand-shaped chair. Not a project I could ever see myself taking on. Thanks to the Yarn Harlot for the tip on that one. yowza!

I did no knitting at all yesterday on clapotis no. trois and just remembered this morning about my multidirectional scarf in noro silk garden that is so nearly completed and has been put aside in favor of the clap and branching out--although even that one I have not worked on for weeks! as I'll be leaving the country once again for the US in two days (for hopefully only a couple of weeks) it would be so sensible to finish up the MD scarf in order to bring at least the KP options parts being used on it with me, if I decide to leave the scarf here for now, as it won't be usable for months now. hooray for spring!