pattern numero uno

working on writing up my first pattern. I've taken lots of notes... they're just a bit disorganized. it's easy enough, a vest worked in the round to the armholes... up to the armhole point. once the dividing happens things get a lot more complicated and I'm trying to make sure it's written up properly in case anyone other than me ever ends up trying to recreate it. exciting!

In happier news, Halcyon Yarns sent me snips of four bamboo colors I was very interested in for the Intolerable Cruelty skirt! I asked for 7, 11, 12 & 13. I think it'll have to be number 12, which is called lipstick, but it's more deep red than pink, so I like it despite its name. The colors of the yarn are all brighter than they appear on the screen, so I'm really glad I asked for samples. They were so good, sending them out the same day since the yarn is so new they haven't made up color cards yet! At first they offered to backorder a color card for me but I said I wanted to buy yarn soon! So they asked which colors I was interested in and put them in the mail the same day. you really cannot ask for better service than that! Going to get a couple of other opinions and then make a decision and get that order placed!

Also today I ordered Dyeing to Knit, so excited to have a try at dyeing yarn as I've never done it. How hard could it be?!