WIP: Tilted Duster

A quick update on my Tilted Duster - recently we've been having a lot of hot weather here in Nova Scotia but before that there was a cool period when I was able to focus a bit on this project, including figuring out how I would pick up stitches around the arm hole and knit down, wanting more control over the final length of the sleeves than I usually have. Also I don't enjoy setting in sleeves.


The bit of pink in there is a yarn held together with the working yarn when I picked up sts, to use later for tightening up the gap in picked up stitches and the sleeve. I think it's going to work out beautifully.

Here we are with more of the sleeve cap knit:


Basically you pick up sts around, divide each side by three, and work a short row sleeve cap back and forth, picking up another st on each side as you go. I had lots of help from here (video)and here.

With the recent hot weather I've gone back to knitting cotton or linen, but I'm excited to have the Duster finished for late fall/early winter this year.


  1. it's going to be lovely!

    i miss knitting. hopefully molly will grow out of her kittenish fascination with yarn destruction soon. *sigh*

  2. I'm dying to know--how is the top-down sleeve going? It looks as if you're working it on a saddle shoulder, oh brave one.


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