WIP: Handkerchief Tee f/b

We have a front and back for the Handkerchief Tee, which is such a nicely written pattern once you master the lace.


It took me two or three tries to get properly cast on for the skirt section, which was mildly frustrating. It's a provisional cast on, and when you need to join to knit in the round and the very first round is the lace chart in four sections with a different lace section at the corners, it is very hard to keep track of not twisting your work, and also getting the lace set up correctly. Yikes. I ended up knitting the first few rows flat and joining once I could be sure I had the pattern established and could join without twisting. I'm now working in the round and have several inches of the skirt knit but it looks just like the earlier pieces (except it can't lay flat) so I didn't take a picture yet. I'm really excited to wrap up this project because I think it's going to look fantastic layered over lots of different things.