Virginia yarns...

I'm in Richmond VA for about 48 hours (slightly less) so of course I had to check out the nearest yarn shop to the inn I'm staying at, nevermind the 96 degree heat or nasty humidity or thunderstorm that threatened this dedicated pedestrian.

Thirty-three blocks later (blisters forming) my water bottle was empty, it was sprinkling (completely different from Halifax in that rather than walking through thick fog or a very disperse rain storm the drops were huge and splatty) and I reached the Yarn Lounge.

I made several rounds of the lovely shop while it started pouring with a vengeance outside (apparently there has been no rain for ages, though it seems green and humid enough to me!) and chatted with the staff and knitters around the work table. I fell in love with Rowan's Lima yarn and want to buy a bag for a super cozy fall sweater asap. The colors are heathered and elegant, the construction is a thick lofty cable sort of thing that I usually don't go for, but I saw several pieces knitted up and they were stunning. It's mostly alpaca with a bit of merino and nylon and I feel like the construction would make it fairly hard wearing and unlikely to sag. I want some. The color choice will be hard. Also at $14 per 109 yd ball and me with a carry on and still on that pesky student budget, a sweater's worth was not in the cards today.

One of the lovely ladies there let me fill up my water bottle from their water cooler when I simply was looking for a tap, and I finished it in no time as the rain settled and I set back out for the hotel to get in a cold shower before being picked up for (a job interview) dinner! Crashing very soon with a full day of more interviewy stuff tomorrow.


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