WIP: Handkerchief Tee

In late March, I started Petrie, from the latest Knitty.


I added in a faux side seam and worked some waist shaping, though the pattern doesn't call for it. The fabric was coming out well enough and it was about the right size but I just didn't feel like I would ever be excited to wear something so simple and plain.


CK sent me the spring 2010 IK and the Handkerchief Tee caught my eye so I swatched and am working on the top back part now with the same Elann Nilo yarn in bronzed olive. Much better. I swatched on 5s and it came out too big so I'm using 4s; it's a drapey forgiving sort of top that I can wear over a tank or a dress, so I'm hoping the sizing will come out ok, and also that I'll have enough yarn! Luckily I can just knit the skirt until I run out of yarn.