WIP: Tilted Duster

Whoah, this one took a long hiatus. As I wrapped up Rosamund's Cardigan and started thinking about other large projects, I unearthed the back piece of the Tilted Duster from the Fall 2007 IK. It was nearly finished so I quickly got that part done and then before I knew it I had knit the front and back top pieces as well, because they're so small by themselves and a large collar will be knit on later to cover most of the chest.


I've now attached the fronts to the back at the sides and shoulders and picked up all along the bottom edge to knit on the skirt. I'm only a few rows in but it's a lovely place to be in a big project like this, because it's the bulk of the mindless work. I chose to work the skirt next rather than the sleeves, as the pattern calls for, but I might take a break at some point from the skirt to work the sleeves, as I see how far this amount of yarn takes me.


The yarn is a custom blend of alpaca, silk, and wool, in various shades of gray/silver, that I built at Yarnia in Portland in the summer of 2008. The weather in Nova Scotia is still cool, so it's not bad to be working on a piece that promises to be a lovely sweatercoat for fall.