Sunday, July 5, 2009

WIP: Drops cardigan continues...

Looking back, I see the I swatched for this cardigan in early May, noted some progress in terms of waist shaping in mid-May, posted another shapeless photo in early June, and have now blogged zero progress for a full month.


Allow me to update you.


Not only has the body of this lovely green/blue/chartreuse fine-gauge cardigan been finished,


There's a sleeve as well. Of course we've had precious little sunny warm light in the city for the past few weeks, and I can't get the color of the yarn to come out well, but there you have it.

I might add that this evening I have been shaping the sleeve cap and am quite likely to have a sleeve finished up tonight if I can manage to not mess up given the lateness of the hour. I did take a break from the shaping to have a happy conversation with BB of The Color of Undyed Wool. Hooray for knitting friends. I'm knitting these sleeves quite long as I have plenty of the yarn and sometimes it's nice to have a sleeve you can pull over your knuckles as you cross your arms and slouch down in you chair in a chilly lecture hall. This afternoon I wound up the second skein of the Fleece Artist Nyoni as just as I got to the sleeve cap my first massive skein finally came to an end. I'll have a lot of this left over for socks, or a vest, or a shell, or a shawl even. Lovely.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

FO: A Little Something

I finished this a few weeks ago, a test knit - my first. It knit up super quick, I really like the color - turns out it matches two skirts I didn't have much to go with! I helped find a few small mistakes in the pattern and it was a good experience. Next time I'd knit this a size up so that it covers more of my front, it's styled to cut away sharply from the button at the top.


Speaking of the button, I picked it up out of a large bowl of buttons at the Halifax farmer's market, and it's great. I even did the right size buttonhole, yay me!


I particularly like the yoke, it came out really well and is a flattering shape. I'd use that same yoke construction and a different yarn and lace pattern for the body in the future.


Please ignore pasty pale skin, I should have worn a long sleeved top underneath; the sun has not been coming out in Halifax much lately so there's been little opportunity to tan.


I think this sweater will get some good fall use as it's a little dressier than a vest, and can be worn with different length sleeves underneath. And did I mention I really like the color? Plus it only took like a week to knit on size 7s; all in one piece with almost zero finishing. That's what I'm talking about.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Holy Shrinking Sheep, Batman!

Apparently there's a breed of sheep in Scotland that are shrinking due to climate change.

One expert remarks,
"'But it's too early to say if, in 100 years, we will have chihuahuas herding pocket-sized sheep.'"

A sheep that fits in my pocket! What could be cuter? Perhaps we've come across the future of must-have knitter accessories.