FO: A Little Something

I finished this a few weeks ago, a test knit - my first. It knit up super quick, I really like the color - turns out it matches two skirts I didn't have much to go with! I helped find a few small mistakes in the pattern and it was a good experience. Next time I'd knit this a size up so that it covers more of my front, it's styled to cut away sharply from the button at the top.


Speaking of the button, I picked it up out of a large bowl of buttons at the Halifax farmer's market, and it's great. I even did the right size buttonhole, yay me!


I particularly like the yoke, it came out really well and is a flattering shape. I'd use that same yoke construction and a different yarn and lace pattern for the body in the future.


Please ignore pasty pale skin, I should have worn a long sleeved top underneath; the sun has not been coming out in Halifax much lately so there's been little opportunity to tan.


I think this sweater will get some good fall use as it's a little dressier than a vest, and can be worn with different length sleeves underneath. And did I mention I really like the color? Plus it only took like a week to knit on size 7s; all in one piece with almost zero finishing. That's what I'm talking about.


  1. That's gorgeous! It's going in my queue.

  2. Very cute! I bet you're an excellent test knitter, thoroughness is key.


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