WIP: Drops cardigan continues...

Looking back, I see the I swatched for this cardigan in early May, noted some progress in terms of waist shaping in mid-May, posted another shapeless photo in early June, and have now blogged zero progress for a full month.


Allow me to update you.


Not only has the body of this lovely green/blue/chartreuse fine-gauge cardigan been finished,


There's a sleeve as well. Of course we've had precious little sunny warm light in the city for the past few weeks, and I can't get the color of the yarn to come out well, but there you have it.

I might add that this evening I have been shaping the sleeve cap and am quite likely to have a sleeve finished up tonight if I can manage to not mess up given the lateness of the hour. I did take a break from the shaping to have a happy conversation with BB of The Color of Undyed Wool. Hooray for knitting friends. I'm knitting these sleeves quite long as I have plenty of the yarn and sometimes it's nice to have a sleeve you can pull over your knuckles as you cross your arms and slouch down in you chair in a chilly lecture hall. This afternoon I wound up the second skein of the Fleece Artist Nyoni as just as I got to the sleeve cap my first massive skein finally came to an end. I'll have a lot of this left over for socks, or a vest, or a shell, or a shawl even. Lovely.


  1. this one is going to be lovely! can't wait to see it in all its glory!


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