WIP: Drops cardigan progress

It's so hard to see because the needle is not truly long enough and the whole thing is scrunched up, but the yarn is so pretty:


I've just finished the waist decreases and get to knit straight for a little bit, then do some increases. It's nice to be knitting something simple, and I finally got the edge to look the way I wanted - and I wasn't even afraid of dropping the edge stitch and picking it back up again so that it was twisted the way I wanted - I'd slipped the first stitch of each row so that it would look nice and tidy after I was so happy with my February Lady Sweater and the garter button band border.


It's so exciting to be knitting something in a fine gauge that should be useful at times of year other than the depths of winter. And the yarn is so nice to work with!


  1. Simple knits can be so gratifying. I'm coming to love them in a way I never thought I'd like stockinette... And I love the colors in the yarn too!


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