cardigan update and new WIP

My Internet was down much of this week but I'm back online! Hooray. So two quick things for you on a beautiful sunny Friday morning just before I get the coffee on - first, the Drops cardigan in Fleece Artist Nyoni is coming along beautifully (despite the fact that I haven't picked it up in at least a week - so it was coming along beautifully):


And then I think someone must have slipped some crazy into the water here because I signed up to test knit something even though I have more than a few other obligations. The pattern will be available by and by, for now I'll just show swatches (the designer has said it is fine to post photos) and mention that it is a short sleeved lacy cardigan knit on bigger needles than most of my projects these days and - gasp - I am knitting it from stash.

I tried several yarns:


Briggs and Little Heritage in Mulberry, Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora in a plummy purple, and Lion brand Wool in lemongrass. These are all yarns in roughly the right weight that I have enough of for sweater as long as it is not huge - like probably without full sleeves. To my surprise, I liked the lion brand best for the lace pattern, and I do like the color (and I got it half price :) ):


Also by the third swatching effort I had actually figured out what was going on with the lace chart. I'm about six inches into the body (it's knit bottom up) now, and have high hopes of getting it pretty much done this weekend. Happy Friday!