WIP: Mythos Cardi

Whatever happened to that pink Mythos cardigan I started last summer at Knit Camp 2010?

Let me tell you. I ran out of yarn toward the end and cannibalized part of the sleeves so I could do the knitted on icord edging. They were too fitted at the wrists anyway. Last night I finished my new sleeve cuff solution (ruffles may be involved!) but I also wanted to explain how I re-used the yarn from the lower sleeves, which of course were knit from the cuff up toward the shoulder, even after I'd seamed them completely. Warning: Graphic surgical photos follow. Not for the faint of crafty heart!

Still with me? Ok, here we go.

I decided to go for a half length sleeve, to be sure I had enough yarn to re-do the edging on the sleeves in some manner as well as complete the icord edging around the body. First I marked with a safety pin on both sleeves where I would like to rip back to.


I had already used a different yarn to seam the sleeves; in this case the best I could do was a dark pink bamboo yarn of similar weight to the pink wool used for the whole project. I unraveled my sleeve seams up to the safety pin.


Next, I took a high contrast yarn, in this case a black cotton, and threaded it on a darning needle to insert a life line into the row of stitches corresponding to the level the safety pin was at. I wanted to put these stitches back on a circular needle so I could knit down from the elbow length and create a new cuff. This is where it's a little freaky - you have to cut into your knitting. I snipped a few stitches in and into the row below the one where my lifeline was placed, as I wanted to keep those stitches live. Snipping a little in to the row rather than right at the edge meant that I wouldn't lose the beginning of the row of stitches that I wanted to keep, due to having too short a tail.


I gently unraveled the row below my life line, stitch by stitch, and picked up the stitches held on the life line with my circular needle.


The result was a half sleeve of stockinette, ready to be unraveled and used to knit on a new cuff for the sleeve.


Here's the only picture I apparently took of the entire thing, while I didn't want to show you just at the start, in case the half-attached sleeve gave you the willies.


I'm pretty happy with the solution for the new sleeve cuff, but it's not completely finished and I don't have pictures yet. Have you performed any knitting surgery lately?