NaKnitMo 2010

So last year I participated in National Knitting Month, where you knit toward a goal number of stitches during the month of November. At the time I kept a little progress bar showing my progress, but now I don't know what I did with that code, so I'll be sorting out a new progress bar or using the code that I currently have in place to track progress on individual projects.

I wrote about my success in upping my goal and surpassing 50K stitches last November, here.

I'm no longer a full time student, or a student at all, but I have full time work plus I live/work in residence and also am marking papers for an undergrad course. Yeah, that last one, I wouldn't have taken the position if I had had the full time day job(s) when they offered it to me. But whatcanyoudo? I won't look for extra work next term, that is for sure.

Knitting time has been hard to come by and I'm not sure what kind of goal to put on my month. I do have a weekend trip coming up and plans for a portable gift knit, which I'm not talking about right now. I'm also currently wrapping up a rather large gift knit, which partially explains why it has been so post-less around here, but that should be done soon.

I also have a lovely pink cardigan for me that is just languishing for lack of an icord edging, and I'm going to try to get that back on track tonight, because then I'll have a new sweater. Yay. And with the stitch counting in November the finishing falls by the wayside. As far as a goal goes, I started at the base 30K last year. If I'm at half of that by the middle of the month I'll think about rejigging my goal.

Happy fall knitting!