I did well with the NaKnitMo goals, just clinching my new goal of 50000 sts in November. It turns out that those stitches really do add up, even when you're a full time student.

Yesterday was my single biggest day, nearly 7500 sts in one day, because I'm determined to finish Quimper to wear over my party dress on Friday at the department holiday celebration. This pattern is really coming along. I cranked out a few inches of the lower body yesterday in class and down at the campus pub in the evening, and today hope to go back to the bottom of the sleeves - which I left as live sts on spare cables and finish up those borders. Then with whatever yarn I have left I'll keep working on the body and we'll see how long it ends up being. If I can block it by tomorrow night I think I can wear it Friday. Otherwise, I will be scrambling for a coverup!

My next goal - and November went so well that I'm feeling pretty positive - is to clean up my list of WIPs for 2009. December is going to be the month of finishing. (I can do this because I haven't had time to even think about holiday knitting, so I don't have many gifts waiting for attention. And even if I did, they'd need finishing!)


Who's with me?


  1. i like these goals. i was looking at ravelry and noticed i have five WIPs right now... and i'm usually a monogamous knitter!

  2. Well, I'm with you on clearing out the WIPs in December. They've been piling up... Can't wait to see your Quimper, looks like great party fare!


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