WIP: Rosamund's Cardigan... blocking

Rosamund is blocking.


That Briggs and Little yarn soaked up an awful lot of water, we went through two rounds of squeezing yesterday. The bottom hem is not finished; I had knit enough of the cable to match the width of the body, I thought, but now that it has blocked it looks like I'll need to knit a few more inches.


The yarn bled a little bit, but not too badly, and the fabric has fluffed up a little and softened. I stretched it a bit width wise to be sure it turns out big enough, and with the added lower hem I think it will be a good length. Just need to knit a bit more of that bottom cable when it's dry, wash and dry that part, then attach the lower hem. Then buttons, and eventually I'll find hook and eye closures, perhaps. Might start wearing it before that happens though!


  1. yay! wonder how beige's is coming along. must email her!


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