WIP: Rosamund's Cardigan... edging

I can't do that many rows of my edging in one sitting, but I've turned the corner and it is looking good...


I picked up 12 sts at first and then kfb into each of them across - and learned from an oversight when I was continuing the cable from the front edge down for three inches to connect to the bottom hem cable... I should have left an extra st along the edge of that extended cable so that I could pick up my 12 sts to go the other direction with the new length of cable, and not lose a st on the edge of the existing cable. Oops. Lesson learned. I am working from 25 sts for the bottom cable, 24 for the three cables and one extra that I will use to attach this thing to those live sts.

I thought I'd try to attach it as I go to the live body sts but I had another think and reasoned that it would make more sense to block everything first in case the cables act strangely when blocked, either pulling or stretch out too long. So I'll have to put the live sts on some yarn after I've knit a length of the cable for the bottom hem, and block everything before attached the cabled hem to the second front. I also have not done the armhole ribbing, but that's ok. I think this is going to be a neat piece.



  1. love your mod - can't wait to see the FO!

    (i wear mine at LEAST once a week. it is truly my most beautiful, wearable sweater. love love love.)


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