WIP: Tilia

Remember this pattern?


In the spirit of all the lovely finishing off of WIPs that have been gathering dust (not really, of course they've been stored away, so I suppose the dust is metaphorical), I have finally put the pieces of Tilia together.


Over the last week or so I have set in both sleeves, seamed them, and just this morning picked up neckline stitches at long last.


The yarn is Elsebeth Lavold silky wool in a pumpkin orange that doesn't photograph particularly well. The pieces lengthened when I blocked them (months ago) so the sleeves are wrist-length instead of 3/4, which is not really what I was hoping for.

The neckline is a real boat neck and was at risk of falling off my shoulders so I've adjusted the picked up stitches accordingly, and we'll see how that turns out. This'll be an FO soon, and a nice lightweight sweater for spring, I hope.

And in going back through my archives to find the last time I posted about Tilia, I apparently said the same thing last March. About a spring sweater. Yikes.


  1. i adore those leaf trellises! they are gorgeous!

    if you hate the sleeve length, would you consider ripping from the cuffs? ugh, i know. but better than not wearing a sweater you've knit!


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