WIPs: pink socks / Tilia pullover

Weekend update. I took some pictures of recent knitting progress - some lovely light today. I have been working for awhile on this pink sock, and I'm nearly out of yarn on the first ball, which means I'll be starting some ribbing very soon and this thing will be as long as it is.


It will be interesting to see if I can find the mojo necessary to cast on for the second sock. This one has been nice to knit because it's so simple and portable, but knitting more usable things seems like a better idea than more socks.

At the end of February I went over to a friend's place for tea and knitting and purposely brought some silky wool and the Tilia pattern, and got cracking at last on a second sleeve. I had put this project down in the fall and it fell to the bottom of the project bag. I like the color, I like the yarn, I like the pattern. So why haven't I finished it yet?

I added some short rows in the chest area so that the front wouldn't ride up - and put them in too close to the armscythes, so they looked wonky. I've finally ripped back, and just knit the front as the pattern is written.


The back is finished, two sleeves are finished, all I need to do is finish the front and seam the sleeves into place and up their edges. And I'll have a lovely pumpkin colored spring sweater.

The only problem is the Ene's scarf is distracting me!


  1. i can't wait to see those socks on your feet - they are beautiful! as is the sweater! it cooled off again here, so i'm working with wool again; missed it!

  2. Wow, those are long socks! Love the sweater.

  3. The sweater looks great so far. I bet it'll be gorgeous on you!


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