FO: Drops cardigan

Here's the original.

Yarn: Fleece Artist Nyoni (wool, mohair, silk, fingering 4-ply), approx 1066 yds (1.3 skeins)
Needles: size 0 (!!!)



Blocking worked wonders. Here it is - sorry it's fuzzy, I don't have a live-in photographer, sadly - before blocking, looking a bit short and rumpled. Also, when I tried to sharpen it it made the colors look more blocky and less subtle than they are in real life. Not going to lie, though, that left shoulder has a blue patch.


After blocking, the length was better and the sleeves were just about perfect. Couldn't be more pleased.


A few snaps of the FO:


I forgot to include buttonholes when I was knitting it up, but it works fine with something stuck through it to close it up. I could also add some buttonholes without too much trouble. We'll see, might wear it a few times first and see how I feel.

My Rav notes tell me I started this in April of 2009, so at least it got finished faster than my Endpaper mitts.


  1. that is... AWESOME! i absolutely love it! sweater envy!

  2. So pretty! And I like the little blue patch -- it could be your Blue Patch of Justice.


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