FO: Endpaper Mitts

Wow. I started these in November - of 2008.

Yesterday was a snow day at the university. This week (with five assignments due in four days before reading week) I had put on the final push for my never-ending Endpaper Mitts, and knit the ribbing at the top of the second mitt - only to realize after I'd botched the tubular kitchener stitch at the top; it looked so much looser than the first mitt (on the left):


...Because although I'd read the part where the pattern said to switch to the smaller needles, I thought, I'm pretty sure I used the same size needles throughout. Rubbish. Ravelry set me straight, I ripped the ribbing back and did it on the size 0s needed. Also I discovered that the directions in the Knitting Answer Book are better illustrated than the source Eunny linked to from the pattern originally. So the tubular bindoff is slightly different on the first mitt from the second.


Don't care. They're done. They're fabulous and have been getting some nice compliments. And I have so much yarn left over I am thinking of knitting a matching hat.


Maybe a headband. I don't know if I can stand another year and a half of the same colorwork.


  1. Congrats my friend! Finally done and lovely, too. :)

  2. Beautiful! The end.
    Well, maybe a headband would be year!


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