WIP: Rosamund's Cardigan

You wouldn't believe the number of new WIPs around here; and my knitting time has suddenly evaporated under the pressure of approaching academic deadlines. Boo.

That said, if I could, I would be working on Rosamund's Cardigan. Here's the swatch, done on size 6 needles and coming out at 4/4.25 sts/inch in Briggs and Little Heritage, color Mulberry, picked up at Avonport Discount fabrics a little over a year ago when the Nova Scotia wool adventures started:


Subliminalrabbit and I have done a couple of Knit-a-longs now (Textured Tunic and Minimalist cardigan), and this time Beigeberry is joining us. I see that the first two sweater KALs were in 2008, so it's about time we lined up a new one!


(You can see the nice heathering in the yarn here, but the color is washed out.)

Rosamund's Cardigan is from IK, Fall 2009. Everyone's pics on Ravelry are encouraging, and I'm excited to power through this - just have to go write a lit review now.

My topic? The information seeking behavior... of knitters. Possibly yarn store owners. I'm still narrowing it down. At least I got to choose whose info seeking behavior I am interested in.


  1. oh, that yarn color is to die for!!!

    your project sounds really cool - you must share your findings!


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