FO: Textured Tunic with Side Slits

if you found me through LiveJournal/knitting - Welcome! Let me know if you try one of the cuff patterns, and look for me on Ravelry as malaraky.

And now, this weekend's finished project:

This is a great knit and I was lucky to find some excellent yarn at a great price through this Ebay seller.

Stephanie Japel's design from Fitted Knits. I used just over 6 skeins of Cascade 128 Tweed in Plum. This yarn has flecks of white, tan and black, was a pleasure to work with, is soft enough to wear over a tank top, and looks fabulous knitted up. I will definitely be looking for this again. I met gauge with the recommended size 10 needles.

I wanted the bust to not be drooping visually so I knit the box st part to only 4 inches rather than 5 inches or so as called for in the pattern. I lengthened the arms a bit, so they come to my wrist and a shirt underneath peeks out, rather then 3/4 length sleeves. I added six sts at the top of the arm as the st count only accounted for 13 inches around the arm and I needed at least 14 inches. Six sts allowed two for selvedge and four to continue the box st pattern around. Worked out perfectly. Check errata here.

I shortened the overall length, as being a bit hourglass shaped I knew a long length tunic wouldn't work for me. I worked all those back hem increases every row rather than every other row. This caused the fabric to buckle slightly, as I realized when I started attaching buttons, but by moving the buttons further in, that is to say, away from the finished edge and closer to the st st section, the tunic fits well around my hips. Looking forward to wearing this - if only both my workplaces were not kept at 70 degrees in the winter, ugh!


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