button change

Choosing buttons for a project can be tough. And even once you attach a button or buttons you might realize the choice was not a good one.


Early in 2009 I was knitting up the first skein of cashmere I ever purchased into a lovely soft cowl. I used every inch of the yarn. I devised a way to fasten it with a button to keep it cozier around my neck. I chose a special handmade button, clay with blue glaze; I think CK and I picked up four similar ones at a yarn shop in Vermont a couple of years ago. They were pretty. We didn't know what we'd use them for.


I haven't used this cowl much despite its super-softness - the blue button is so heavy it weighs down the fabric. I finally made a change.


It can be hard to revisit an FO and fix it up so that it's more usable, but in this case it seems better. I even added another button option so that it is more adjustable - I can button it to hold it under my chin if I have it drawn up over my head and ears, or button it closer to my neck if I'm wearing it as a cowl. The extra little button is to tell my fingers which opening that button is for.


Yesterday at an outing that involved a beach, a campfire, and a chilly wind I wore it up around my ears and the new buttons worked a treat. They're nothing fancy, just green plastic, but they also match my winter coat perfectly.