FO: Spiral Cowl

I finally sewed on a button last night and crocheted a loop to go around it. I used every last scrap of this gorgeous yarn so I am very pleased!


It can be worn like a cozy hood, so soft!


After working most of the cowl I cast on again for the second edge and then grafted the edge to the main body of the cowl, rather then guesstimate how much yarn to leave for the second picot edge. It worked great and I only had a few inches of yarn left after I did the button and crocheted loop.


I really like the picot edging. The button is a special hand-fired ceramic one picked up at some point with CK; it's too heavy for this yarn so I might have to keep an eye out for something lighter.

This is going to be a great piece to keep out the wind walking around Halifax! I'm very happy with the yarn and the pattern was great - except that it should tell you to cast on a multiple of 8 plus one so that you don't need to use a st marker, you can just keep going around and around. If you're thinking of knitting this, you'll see what I mean when you get started.


  1. Thanks for the tip, I'll be casting on shortly!

  2. I think this might be my next project even though the weather is sneakily getting warmer, I am super into convertible items that can be hood or scarf - it rains too much here to depend on just one or the other!


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