ice storm turns into cozy softness

A nasty icy storm is raging outside. Ewwww. It started up mid-afternoon, and it wasn't long at all before the sidewalks were all slick. I popped into the bank and heard a man say he'd seen three people fall. I hadn't been looking at anyone while walking, only at my own feet, and taking much smaller steps than usual. I even hopped on the bus though I wasn't sure how the traction would be in a vehicle either - I just wanted to get home faster!!

I had thought I might go out to a trivia night tonight but I have a feeling there won't be a big showing. I need a small project in any case to take to a large lecture tomorrow, and I am fresh out of simple small projects, so I went for a lovely stash-dive instead!

I came up with the single skein of cashmere I have ever purchased:


From Cashmeres by Kate, which I could afford because it was going wholesale at the time.

And isn't that nice, I took a picture of it in the sunshine following the day spent at the NH Sheep and Wool Festival! Much cheerier than today's weather, I can tell you.

This skein is 200 yards of sexy softness. A scarf would be too short; a cowl it is. I checked my Ravelry queue and didn't come up with anything in quite the right weight; laceweight and bulkier stuff seems to populate the accessories section at the moment. Luckily the pattern search function is dead handy. I decided on the spiral cowl, a free pattern from Knitty Gritty Thoughts, because it's simple, but can be funkified with a chunky button and adjusted to be cozy on a really chilly day, or looser when desired.

No light for pictures at present - and I've only done up to the picot edge in any case, so 6 rows in or so - but hopefully the storm will let up overnight and there will be some brighter skies before we know it. Stay warm!


  1. I have a skein of cashmere riding around in my knitting bag right now. I'm mostly just petting it, but someday I hope to turn it into a beautiful, beaded scarf.

    I love the brown color of yours, I remember how excited you were to find it!


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